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Compostable dog waste bags - Organic Dog Life

By animal lovers – for animal lovers.


Organic Dog Life Berlin offers plastic-free and entirely biodegradable dog waste bags.


What makes our dog waste bags different from other organic dog waste bags and those made from recycled materials?


Dog waste bags by Organic Dog Life Berlin are made of materials from vegetable sources: corn, vegetable oils and biodegradable polymers - and yet they are just as resistant and reliable as your usual plastic bags.


They meet the highest European standards for compostable materials (EN 13432), OK Compost and OK Compost Home.


After just about 80 days, more than 90 percent of each bag is composted. Under optimum conditions even the smallest particles are fully biodegraded after 180 days. That’s why our bags are certified with the seedling label for their compostability qualities.


We put all our energy and enthusiasm into our product in order to meet you, the customers, and, of course, to please our beloved pets. It is our top priority to provide a high quality product with a modern design at an affordable price, plus first class customer support. Our focus is to make sure we use our resources the best we can, act sustainably and help our planet to live on.

Plastic-free and compostable dog bags made of corn

Our green idea


All of our waste bags are based on corn starch and are therefore 100% plastic-free.


Our entire packaging including the cardboard rolls, on which the dog waste bags are wound up, is made from fully recyclable materials.


Full transparency and sustainability are very important to us throughout the entire product journey. Therefore, Organic Dog Life Berlin handles its entire payment traffic through a social-ecological cooperative bank.


In addition, the entire electricity and energy supply for our storage and office spaces derives exclusively from renewable energies. That way we can make sure we protect our climate the best we can.


Many paths lead to a green way of living!