Where are your bags made?


As for now all of our bags are being produced in China. Our supplier is specialized in green technologies. That means that the entire production aims to replace plastic from everyday life with biodegradable, compostable plastics and environmentally friendly packaging. Our production follows strict quality guidelines. Every single step in production is constantly monitored making sure the high quality standards are met at all times. Regarding our environmental footprint, we are aware that importing from China can’t be the final solution. We are already working on a next stop allowing us to offer a product that meets all of our high quality requirements at an affordable price.

Environmentally friendly dog poop bags

Why is your company called Organic Dog Life?

Organic Dog Life is a lifestyle brand for dog lovers. We are a company of pet owners for pet owners. Dog dirt and conventional waste bags harm both humans and the environment. They affect our everyday life and actually can make dogs and people sick. That’s why we offer affordable and sustainable products that keep the environment clean so that all dogs (and people) can move around without worrying at all.

Organic Dog Life - Lifestyle brand for dog lovers

Where can I find your products?


Besides our online shop www.organicdoglife.de you can find us on most shopping portals like Amazon, Ebay & Co. But we are constantly expanding our retail reach. We will publish an overview of all authorized dealers in the near future. If you have problems or suggestions on how to find a specific dealer, you can reach out to us at any time via our contact form.

Biodegradable dog poop bags wholesale

What is your packaging made of?


All of our packaging is made from fully recycled materials. In addition, our packaging can be recycled after use. Every used packaging is sorted and processed so it can be used again as a raw material for new products and packaging. A fully closed circle giving each bag a new life!


Plastic-free dog poop bags

How can I dispose of my bags? Can flush the bags down the toilet?


All bags containing dog dirt should never be washed down the toilet or be thrown away on the ground. Please dispose of them in the appropriate waste containers only. Whatever you might have heard, normal rain showers won’t make dog dirt magically disappear. The dog dirt will follow the rest of the rainwater and, unlike the water in the sewer system, will enter untreated and unfiltered into our lakes, streams and rivers.


What makes your dog waste bags biodegradable?


Our environmentally friendly and biodegradable products are made from natural and recyclable materials. Raw materials made by nature that return to nature. A closed circle reducing the use of fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas and oil.


Our dog waste bags are therefore made from corn starch and can be disposed of as organic waste. They are fully biodegradable and certified with the compostability label DIN EN 13432 as well as OK Compost and OK Compost Home. All prints are based on heavy metal-free, food-borne and water-based paints, which are also biodegradable.


Dog waste bags made from corn starch

What about the compostability label?


The compostability label for plastic products was developed by European Bioplastics and pictures a seedling.


The seedling is a scientific label certifying that the product is biodegradable and compostable. In order to bear the seedling label, products must meet the requirements for compostable and biodegradable packaging, which are determined by DIN EN 13432.

Requirements include:

  • Full biodegradability
  • Compostability (no more than 10% of the product left 3 months after disposal)
  • Not crossing the limits for hazardous substances such as heavy metals
  • No ecotoxicity or potential damage to the soil

Companies looking to use the seedling label on their products must apply to an certified authority. All products are then tested to make sure they comply with DIN EN 13432.

Once approved, products which are both compostable and biodegradable and do not pose a threat to soil and compost quality are given the seedling label.

We do not want you to get your hands dirty.


Here are some tips to keep them clean!

  • Very important: Do not keep the waste bags in direct sunlight, neither in hot or humid places. This might damage the organic material
  • Try to use up the bags within one year after purchase
  • In case you’ve ordered larger quantities, try to use the older packs/bags first
  • Store the bags in dry and cool rooms (temperature should be around 15-20°C, humidity up to approx. 50%)
  • Keep the rolls in their box and protect them from direct sunlight